Marriage is not only for two souls it’s a Union of two families

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MarriageBy Aashmeen Munjaal
Marriage is the seamless union of two families, with each integrating its own customs, ethos, and cultures to weave a connection of shared occasions and interwoven lives. As the pair vows to spend the rest of their lives together, they also cherish the family bonds and relationships that come with each family which means that the couple’s families receive unconditional love and support from both sides.

Both families gather together to celebrate the newlyweds’ passion and love for one another, blessing and embracing them. God created humans, and they appreciate kindness, tenderness, and empathy. When the opinions of newlyweds cannot be mutually agreed upon, families provide solutions.

The couple are believed to have been divinely created by God. A family works in a way that allows for the open exchange of ideas and perspectives. The beautiful bond of marriage not only ties the couple’s hearts together but also deepens the nexus between their families, which will serve as a foundation of mutual understanding and trust.

Families unite through marriage to treasure, admire, and knit past, present, and future. It is founded on reverence, admiration, and empathy. Marriages are exquisite not just for the couple, but also for the liaisons that will serve congruence to the Culture they share for posterity.