JBCN International School Stands for being a Changemaker and Communicates this through a Captivating Brand Film

27 October 2023, Mumbai: JBCN Education has been a pioneering organisation in education for over two decades and proudly launches its first and one-of-its-kind brand film surrounding its brand ethos- The Changemaker. The film focuses on the brand staying true to its vision of providing learners with transformational learning and EduCreative experiences, empowering them to become Changemakers of tomorrow.

The film begins by focusing on thoughtfully designed, flexible, and innovative learning zones while highlighting the definition of change for the teachers, learners, and board members at JBCN Education. It focuses on how JBCN Education has been breaking the norms for over two decades. Various definitions of change are depicted in the film, and it shows how going beyond education to EduCreation, has been the core of the brand for almost 20 years.

The film is directed by renowned director- Vishal Shekhar and creatively conceptualised by Admatazz, focusing on the theme ‘The Changemaker’, showcasing how JBCN Education has always been ahead of the curve in education right from its inception. A unique format of cinematography and dialogue delivery has been used in the film to create something fresh in the education sector.

Through captivating visuals and compelling narratives, the film illuminates the diverse facets of change and how we, right from our inception, have embodied the essence of being true Changemakers. The film reaffirms our brand positioning and allows us to share this vision with the world. The film captures all members of the ecosystem sharing their understanding of the meaning of change and what it means to be a true Changemaker.

On launching the new brand film, Mr. Kunal Dalal, Managing Director, JBCN Education, states, “Our EduCreative experiences empower our learners to become Changemakers of tomorrow and global citizens who actively lead positive, progressive change. We understand that learners today have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. We quench this by providing access to progressive international education that integrates a rigorous academic curriculum with immersive global experiences, fuelling their will to make a positive change. We are proud to share this vision through the film and are confident that our passion for providing transformational learning experiences will empower our learners to be Changemakers.”

Mr Nikhil Sharma, VP of Marketing, JBCN Education, says, “Our brand film captures the brand’s longstanding history of embracing innovation, transformative and EduCreative experiences and having a consumer-first approach. Our unique pedagogy and meaningful engagements have consistently driven significant shifts and progress. Through this film, we have attempted to authentically present our point of view; we have used our faculty and senior management as they are the most significant brand ambassadors for JBCN Education. Through this film, we can inspire our learners, faculties, and community at large.”

“Our partnership with JBCN International School has stood strong for five years, and this brand film is a reflection of our enduring collaboration. ‘EduCreating Changemakers’ is more than a tagline; it’s a powerful message brought to life through this film. It’s been a privilege to craft this visual story with them, showcasing their dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators.” quotes, Mr Yash Chandiramani, Founder & Chief Strategist at Admatazz