Shri Gauranga Das Prabhu Ji promotes Govardhan SMILE and Bhaktivedanta Research Centre

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Gauranga_Das_PrabhuMumbai, 27 October 2023 — In a momentous event, Gauranga Das Prabhu Ji, a renowned spiritual leader and devotee, promoted two significant projects aimed at promoting spiritual and educational enrichment – SMILE – School For Mindful Leadership and Ethics and the Bhaktivedanta Research Centre.

SMILE, the School of Mindful Leadership and Ethics, is a pioneering institution dedicated to leadership development like no other. Based on the teachings of Ramayana Mahabharata Bhagavat Gita Upanishads Puranas and Vedic literature and rooted in spirituality, values, and ethics, it stands at the forefront of leadership education with a unique focus on anchoring leadership practices to meet global sustainability needs, including Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. This school caters to a diverse range of constituents, from corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and next-generation family business leaders to investment bankers, private equity managers, school and college principals, temple administrators, and even leaders of non-profit organizations and government institutions. By instilling a strong foundation of values, ethics, and a spiritual ethos, Govardhan SMILE equips its students with leadership capabilities and a deeply immersive ambiance for holistic personal and professional growth.

Speaking about SMILE, Gauranga Das Prabhu Ji emphasized, “Our vision is to establish a world-class leadership institute rooted in spiritual values, character, and commitment, fostering excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. Our mission is to empower leaders through proactive learning, character development, and a spirit of innovation, enhancing their overall well-being. At SMILE, we create purpose-driven leaders ready to make a meaningful impact.”

Additionally, Gauranga Das Prabhu Ji emphasized that the Bhaktivedanta Research Centre (BRC), a nonprofit organization established in 2009, is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of India’s ancient manuscripts and books. Operating on six pivotal pillars — collection, preservation, exhibition, research, publication, and teaching — the BRC strives to make the Indian Knowledge System relevant and accessible to contemporary society. In their mission, the BRC conducts significant activities such as the Manuscript Mission, preserving and digitizing rare manuscripts, contributing to the preservation of India’s intellectual heritage, and fostering collaborations with renowned universities and scholars globally. The center also serves as a hub for academic learning, offering programs affiliated with prominent universities across the world, from Mumbai to New York. Through its comprehensive publishing initiatives, the BRC provides a platform for cutting-edge research on Indian Knowledge Systems, inviting individuals to participate in this noble venture of preserving and disseminating invaluable cultural heritage.

“Through the Bhaktivedanta Research Centre, we intend to encourage scholarly exploration and understanding of the teachings of Bhakta Vedantha Swami Prabhupada. We hope to serve as a resource for both scholars and spiritual seekers who wish to delve into the timeless wisdom of the Bhakti tradition,” Gauranga Das Prabhu Ji explained.

Both SMILE and the Bhaktivedanta Research Centre are part of Gauranga Das Prabhu Ji’s multifaceted ongoing efforts to create a more compassionate and spiritually enlightened society. These initiatives provide platforms for individuals to engage in selfless service, spiritual growth, and the study of ancient wisdom.