Joy E-bike is ready to splash its customers with exciting discount offers this Holi & International Women’s Day

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Gen Next Nanu+

Vadodara, March 7, 2023: Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd., one of India’s leading manufacturers of electric two-wheelers under the brand ‘Joy e-bike’, has rolled out special festive offers on its range of selected electric scooters on the occasion of Holi and International Women’s Day. The company has announced a special discount of up to Rs. 12,000 along with an RTO and insurance, on its selected scooters until March 31, 2023.

Joy e-bike has also announced that any woman purchasing these electric scooters from Joy e-bike this Women’s Day (on March 8, 2023) shall avail of an additional discount of Rs. 2000/-. This is the company’s way of showing gratitude and respect to women for the roles they play in our lives. This offer is valid from March 8th to March 11th, 2023, while the other offers are valid until the end of the month.

The electric vehicles from Joy e-bike have several advanced features and are cost-effective. Being on the forefront of offering innovative and sustainable solutions, Joy e-bike is a perfect choice for riders and commuters, along with catering to the needs of reducing carbon footprints.

Offers are valid on the following electric scooters: Glob, Wolf, Gen Next Nanu, Wolf+, Gen Next Nanu+, Wolf Eco, and Gen Next Nanu Eco.