Karishma Singh shares a heartfelt message while talking about Who’s Your Gynac

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WYG- KarishmaMumbai, 10 October 2023: Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released its medical drama series, ‘Who’s Your Gynac?’ starring Saba Azad. The series follows the journey of a freshly graduated obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Vidhushi Kothari (Saba), who is juggling between her personal and professional life. Addressing important women’s health issues like UTIs, pregnancy myths, and hormonal changes with a light-hearted yet informative tone, the series has received positive reviews and appreciation from viewers and critics. Karishma Singh, who played Swara Iyer, an aspirational woman coping with her first pregnancy, spoke candidly about the series, which is currently available for free streaming on Amazon miniTV.

Talking about the strong narrative of the series, Karishma shared what made her inclined toward Who’s Your Gynac? She said, “I think the story is incredible, it’s beautifully written and an important issue is addressed through humor which is brilliant. I really liked my character, which is why I wanted to be a part of the show. The character was the hero to me.”.

Karishma further revealed her take-away from the series, stating how it has changed her mindset and urged people to visit their Gynac putting aside their negative beliefs. “When I was shooting for ‘Who’s Your Gynac?’. The issues which we spoke about were so real that I could totally connect with them. I was hesitant to meet up with my Gynac too, and I was stuck between wanting to go and not wanting to. So, it has just changed my mindset and I really want people to watch it with their family, and to put aside the stigmas and taboos and visit their doctor and trust their Gynac just like their other doctors. You should not fear meeting your Gynac, because even small issues can create a big impact. I feel more comfortable talking about it and I am proud to be part of such a beautiful story”, she shared.

Unfold the journey of a Gynac filled with drama, emotions, love, and quirky-confused patients with ‘Who’s Your Gynac?’ streaming live on Amazon miniTV, for free within the Amazon shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Playstore.