Kyndryl Expands Partnership with Google Cloud to Deliver Enterprise-Ready Generative AI Solutions

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India, February 9, 2024 – Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, today announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud to develop responsible generative AI solutions and accelerate adoption among customers.

Kyndryl and Google Cloud have worked together since 2021 to help global businesses transform with Google Cloud’s advanced AI capabilities and trusted infrastructure. The next phase of the partnership will focus on coupling Google Cloud’s in-house AI capabilities, including Gemini, Google’s most advanced Large Language Model (LLM), with Kyndryl’s expertise and managed services to develop and deploy generative AI solutions for customers. Key focus areas include:

  • AI and Data Foundation Advisory and Implementation Services: Kyndryl’s comprehensive advisory, implementation, and Kyndryl Consult services will help customers identify the optimal generative AI use cases and data foundations that align with their business goals. Kyndryl will also use its extensive experience supporting businesses implementing Google Cloud’s existing and new technology – like Gemini – to continue enabling business transformation with AI and generative AI.
  • Applying Cortex Framework to Enterprise Resource Planning: Kyndryl will leverage the Google Cloud Cortex Framework to increase business value from customers’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data on Google Cloud to boost productivity, spur innovation, and provide better business insights that can drive new outcomes for customers.
  • Kyndryl’s New LLM Operations Framework to Jumpstart Generative AI Adoption: Kyndryl intends to make its new custom LLM Operations (LLMOps) Framework available to Google Cloud customers to enable solutions that solve common challenges responsibly and more cost-effectively. Kyndryl will continue to support customers with its full suite of data modernization services to optimize their data foundations for generative AI solutions.
  • Increasing Expertise to Boost Generative AI Development: Kyndryl will grow its AI and data analytics skills base by increasing the training and boot camps available to practitioners via the Google Cloud Academy for Kyndryl. With investments to increase AI expertise in Google Cloud generative AI, including Duet AI for Developers, across its workforce and its experience with Google’s Generative AI Initiative for Service Partners, Kyndryl is well positioned to address the demand for generative AI solutions and bring Google Cloud-powered solutions to customers.

“Given Kyndryl’s data services expertise, along with our more than 30 years of experience managing large enterprise environments, Kyndryl understands the complexities in moving a generative AI solution from an idea into production,” said Nicolas Sekkaki, Kyndryl’s Global Applications, Data and AI Practice Leader. “By combining this unique perspective and the Kyndryl Responsible AI Principles with Google’s AI history and in-house generative AI capabilities, we can quickly and responsibly bring this new generation of AI to customers and drive their business value.”

“Generative AI can fundamentally improve how businesses operate, helping large-scale organizations streamline complex processes and enable their workforces to be more productive,” said Yateendar Bollini, Director of Global Consulting Partnerships, at Google Cloud. “Through our expanded partnership, Kyndryl will provide enterprise customers with the services expertise and generative AI solutions needed to accelerate business transformation with Gemini on top of the security capabilities and trusted infrastructure of Google Cloud.”

As part of their early collaboration on generative AI solutions for customers, Kyndryl and Google Cloud have helped iHub Solutions, a Singapore-based smart warehouse, contract logistics, and e-commerce fulfillment services provider launch a generative AI pilot for customer service.

“Kyndryl provided the expertise and end-to-end services we needed to launch our first generative AI pilot – one that can advance iHub’s mission and vision for AI-driven transformation across the organization,” said Koh San Joo, Chief Executive Officer, of iHub Solutions. “This pilot is expected to serve as a stepping stone to building a full solution that can bring significant productivity and efficiency gains to our customer service function.”