Managing your emotions and behaviors at workplace: ENGAGE, the learner’s community space to host a webinar on the issue

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JAIN Online,Bengaluru: With the goal of preventing any adverse impacts on the productivity of the company and its business goals due to unfavorable employee behavior and creating a positive work environment, ENGAGE, the learner’s community space of JAIN Online, will host a webinar titled Through Muddy Water, on July 12th.

The webinar will feature Dr. Brillian SK, Chief People Officer, TimesPro, speaker, mentor, and leadership coach having vast experience in Global Policy Making, talent engagement, and business partnering. The participants of the webinar will include the learners of JAIN Online from India and abroad as well as professionals in the field.

The speaker will enlighten the audience on how challenging individuals can be approached, dealt with, and pleased in the corporate landscape and how to effectively handle and mentor an ill-behaved employee who could cause toxicity in the workplace and eventually improve the organization’s productive outcomes. In this context, he will put forth different ways to deal with difficult people be it at the workplace or in daily life.

Dr. Brillian S. K, Chief People Officer & Head of Places and Process at TimesPro (a Times of India Group Initiative) said, “One of the most difficult problems that professionals in leadership positions face is how to deal with uncooperative employees. Problematic employee behavior depletes resources, undermines the morale of the team, and obliterates production as a whole. The ability to handle challenging personnel is a skill. Employers need to recognize difficult behaviors and know ways to handle them. These could require identifying practical strategies to promote and influence a change in conduct. This webinar will offer in-depth presentations on all the essential tips and acumen that can help transform negative-minded people into positive ones in both personal and professional spaces and thereby creating a healthy environment.”.

Following the discussion, Dr. Brillian SK will join in a Q&A session with learners, and professionals in the field. Interested participants can register here for the webinar.

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