Post Budget Quote For Healthcare 2024 Quote by, Mr. Shivam Dixit, Co-Founder and CEO of Counsel India

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Mr. Shivam Dixit, by, Mr. Shivam Dixit, Co-Founder and CEO of Counsel India

In India, mental health issues are common, but their story is often hidden by cultural differences, stigmas, and complex interplay between socioeconomic circumstances. In India, mental health is the most ignored factor that contributes to suicide and Depression. This problem is occurring because there are now only 7–10 lakh counselors in the country, and over 50 lakh will be needed in the next year. A 12.6% rise from the Union Budget 2023–24, which improved India’s health sector, was allotted to the healthcare sector in 2023 (rs. 89,155 cars). The health budget is reviewed and dedicated to enhancing the health sector. It is evidence of a dedication to developing resilient minds. Funding the institutions that provide psychology courses is an investment that would be beneficial to people’s well-being.
As we channel allocation of finance towards Education and mental health treatment will be helpful for the common people suffering from mental health. A well-supported health budget that will be attentive to mental health signifies our recognition of the interconnectedness of mental well-being with overall health, productivity, and societal harmony.