Protouch Launches Pro-Grow Hair Growth Oil for Strong and Healthy Hair

Protouch Launches Pro-Grow Hair Growth Oil for Strong and Healthy Hair

New Delhi, 20th April 2023 – Protouch, a professional hair and skin care solution in the industry, has recently launched its newest product, Pro-Grow Hair Growth Oil. This unique hair oil is made with a blend of 21+ natural herbs, carefully sourced and crafted to provide healthy and strong hair. The Pro-Grow Hair Growth Oil is a 100% natural and vegan solution that is free from harmful chemicals, parabens, and sulfates. The product is cruelty-free and offers a safe, effective, and reliable use without the presence of any harmful chemicals or cheap oils.

The hair oil has been thoughtfully created with natural herbal ingredients and contains over 21 authentic herbs to provide daily hair nutrition, support hair development, and reduce hair loss. The unique blend of cold-pressed herbal oils and actives like Rosemary oil, Kalonji Ext., Tea Tree oil, Amala, Bhringaraj, Neem, Methi, Jasad Bhasma, and many more, has been designed to cater to multiple hair problems like

hair fall, greying, thinning, and dryness for all hair types.

Protouch emerged as a company that aims to give an experience of professional treatment for hair and skin care, with safe and certified products.

The Pro-Grow Hair Growth Oil deeply nourishes and rejuvenates hair, soothes and calms the scalp, and promotes healthier, fuller hair growth while reducing hair fall. It also provides effective protection against dandruff and early hair graying. The oil has been formulated to deeply nourish the scalp and hair strands, curing drying, frizziness, and split ends.

To make the application process easy and effective, the Pro-Grow Hair Growth Oil comes with a hair root applicator that helps to reach the scalp easily, without getting hands sticky in the process. The applicator helps to target dandruff, hair fall/loss regions, and ensures that the oil is evenly distributed, providing maximum benefits.

“We believe that everyone deserves to have healthy, strong, and beautiful hair. We are excited to introduce our Pro-Grow Hair Growth Oil, a 100% natural solution to multiple hair problems. Pro-Grow Hair Growth Oil is the perfect solution for anyone looking for natural and effective hair care products that help improve hair health without causing any harm to the scalp or the environment.” Adds Tanisha Lakhani

Pro-Grow Hair Growth Oil is now available for purchase on the Protouch website and other leading e-commerce platforms.