Reveal Laser organized TransChat with Ms. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi at CDSI Conference

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Reveal Laser organized a TransChat discussion with Ms. Laxmi Narayan to discuss prospects and challenges faced by the transgender community and also spread awareness among doctors and how to handle all patients without any discrimination at CDSI conference. Ms. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, a social activist and face of the transgender community highlighted how the transgender community faced hurdles for their special needs at Conference at J W Marriott Hotel, Mumbai

The conference was attended by eminent doctors from the aesthetic and cosmetic Dermatology fields. The conference was honored with the presence of Ms. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, Team of Doctors. The conference stressed comfortable treatment protocols and any discrimination to be handled for the 3rd gender is a must. The conference was attended by more than 1000 doctors from all over India. The conference dealt with all aesthetic and cosmetic treatments. Experts spoke on how we can interact with colleagues from different parts of the world and decide on the best treatment modality for the transgender community.

Ms. Laxmi is very vocal about transgender issues and supportive of progressive ideas aimed at upliftment of the community, says, “The objective of the TransChat is to bring the challenges and hurdles our community in an aesthetic clinic. The awareness of such procedures is marginally different among the transgender community when compared to any other sex but it’s the taboo, the discomfort of ill-treatment, or shame associated with the very stigma of the existence of the community that renders a lingering hindrance in pursuing such procedures. However, there’s an impact of urban settings, family background, formal education & income levels drive the desire to look beautiful among all sex & is also the very basis of inclination to cosmetic procedures in the transgender community too.

Explaining the treatment methods Dr. Neeraj Pandey Senior Dermatologist said, ” Transgenders should be made comfortable in clinic settings & their special needs should be taken care of without any discrimination or differentiation & people like Laxmi are changing the whole perspective of the 3rd gender. The ultimate goal of aesthetic procedures is to make individuals comfortable in their own skin. Dermatological and Aesthetic procedures are crucial for these individuals who want to live comfortably in the gender and body they identify with. All these can help transgender individuals feel empowered and confident in their bodies. From peels, laser hair removal, glutathione & ablative lasers, fillers, toxin there are a lot of procedures that will aid them to look the way they desire.”

Kuntal Debgupta CEO, Reveal Lasers APAC said, “With this initiative, we are taking a step toward empowering the trans- community. In celebration of pride month this June, let us get to know the transgender community, their endeavors, and aspirations as well as the challenges they face and how treatments from an aesthetic clinic can play an important role in empowering the trans community to look and feel better. The laser machine doesn’t discriminate it just treats hair, then why should we, it’s time we move aesthetic & cosmetic treatment beyond glamour & gender biases & make it available for all. Laser hair removal plays a very imp role for the transgender community as most go from a male to female look transition they go for facial hair removal, chest area & intimate areas too. Many times, sex change procedures lead to hormonal imbalances leading to a consistent need for hair removal. Nowadays young girls aging 14 to 15 years, urban men, and a small section of transgender are coming for aesthetic treatment.”