TBDC takes 25 Indian start-ups to participate in Collision- the world’s largest start-up technology conference

TBDC takes 25 Indian start-ups to participate in Collision- the world’s largest start-up technology conference

Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) which is Canada’s India-focused incubator has announced to take 25 selected Indian start-ups to Toronto and participate in Collision 2022. Collision is the world’s largest start-up tech conference, which takes place in Toronto. This year’s Collision conference will be held in Toronto from June 20th to June 23rd, 2022. TBDC in the recent past has assisted many Indian founders with innovative start-ups in expanding internationally and is determined to do the same this year as well. This TBDC’s initiative is in collaboration with BHIVE, Brampton’s premier start-up incubator program.

Engineer bringing Technology to Life Pvt Ltd (EBTL), Mapmygenome, MakeStories, and UnRemote are among the selected start-ups that will participate in the Collision conference.

During the visit, the founders of the start-ups will get the opportunity to meet investors, technology innovators, potential partners and mentors, and ecosystem players who will assist them in succeeding in the lucrative North American market.

“We are excited to welcome the founders of these startups to Canada, a promising startup destination. Engaging with relevant and meaningful investors, technology innovators, potential partners, mentors, and ecosystem players will undoubtedly be critical to boost and accelerating the growth of these start-ups and will assist them in expanding internationally. The program is divided into two parts: group programming and individualized programming tailored to the specific needs of the Entrepreneur, which will position the start-ups for success in North American markets,” said Mr. Vikram Khurana, Chairman of TBDC and CEO of BHive.

Specially designed workshops will assist 25 Indian start-ups in gaining clarity on issues such as incorporation, immigration, raising capital, and overall successful business setup. The conference will also enable founders of the start-ups to participate in meaningful networking events, such as one-on-one meetings with TBDC’s mentors, angel investors, funders, subject matter experts, and other ecosystem influencers in Ontario.

Other than the Live Pitching, Mentorship, Workshop, the Collision conference also promises to aid and make a commitment of investment to the participating startups. When a startup will receive a commitment from a designated organization, each applicant will hold 10% or more of the voting rights attached to all outstanding shares of the corporation, and up to 5 people can apply as owners. Applicants and the designated organization will jointly hold more than half of the total voting rights attached to all outstanding shares of the corporation at the time of commitment.

As the North America’s fastest-growing tech conference, Collision’s annual event brings together market leaders, technology experts, and the media to determine where the world is headed next. It’s therefore widely known as “the Olympics of technology.”