The Aditya Birla Group’s Initiative – Aadyam Theatre steps foot in Bangalore

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Shernaz Patel & Nadir Khan ArtisticPan India, August 24, 2023: Brace yourselves for a theatrical experience like no other as Aadyam Theatre, an initiative by the Aditya Birla Group, expands its footprint to Bangalore for the very first time. With a successful run during its sixth season, Aadyam Theatre is set to captivate the IT city with its distinctive creativity and artistic brilliance in its remarkable shows – The F Word and Betrayal.

As Aadyam Theatre visits the city for the first time, the theatre initiative broadens its aim of bringing the joy of watching live shows to people all over the country. This idea coincides with the philosophy behind Bengaluru’s well-known theatre – Ranga Shankara, which embodies Shankar Nag’s dream to create a vibrant, affordable, inclusive space for theatre and theatre lovers in the city of Bengaluru, hence making it the perfect place to kickstart the theatrical journey in the city. Aadyam has achieved this with the help of the artistic duo – Shernaz Patel and Nadir Khan, along with the members of the curation committee – Purva Naresh, Ira Dubey, and Kyla Dsouza. The curation committee has shortlisted this year’s plays after a careful analysis of the numerous proposals submitted by production houses across the country.

Furthermore, under the sixth season, Aadyam Theatre has introduced a variety of theatre-focused initiatives through Aadyam Spotlight, a community of theatre experts committed to making theatre more accessible to people. This encompasses theatre podcasts and an exclusive theatre blog.

“It’s such a joy to be bringing Aadyam to culturally vibrant Bangalore. Theatre has always been such an important part of the arts scene in the city and I have personally had the privilege of experiencing this up close over many years. We are so proud to be sharing two exceptional plays with you this year…proud because they are of a high standard in terms of their rich content, their artistic quality, the skill of the performers, and their production values. It is also befitting that we are able to perform these plays at Ranga Shankara… the home of quality theatre in Bangalore.” said Shernaz Patel, the Artistic Director of Aadyam

Nadir Khan, also the Artistic Director of Aadyam, mentioned, “The fact that Aadyam has returned after its hiatus to continue building its legacy with this, its 6th season, is reason enough to celebrate. Aadyam coming to Bangalore for its first time makes it even more special, especially with the two productions that will be performing at the iconic Ranga Shankar theatre. Bangalore is a true theatre city with wonderfully knowledgeable and enthusiastic audiences. I am sure that the two wonderful productions that will be performing here will be widely appreciated for their exceptional quality, resonance, design, and stellar performances.”

Since its inception in 2015, Aadyam has captivated over 140,000 people, showcasing some of the most exceptional theatrical performances in the nation. With a portfolio encompassing 30 new productions – 25 proscenium plays, 2 black box presentations, 2 experimental plays, and 1 musical extravaganza, they have orchestrated a total of 233 shows in the last five years. When theatres worldwide were forced to close their curtains amid the pandemic, Aadyam defied the odds by ingeniously embracing the digital medium, thus preserving the essence of theatre. As the echoes of the pandemic fade in 2023, Aadyam has returned to the stage, ready to immerse you in narratives that resonate with every fiber of your being.

To not miss a beat, stay tuned to Aadyam’s social media handles for updates on the live shows and be part of this captivating journey.