upGrad Harappa Transforms Online Learning With Multilingual thriveBOT, finetuned for Hindi & Hinglish

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Bangalore, 30 September 2023: Harappa Education, part of the upgrade and the learning institute for choice for high-performing enterprises in the country, on Tuesday, announced the launch of ‘thriveBOT’ — an AI chatbot finetuned for English, Hindi, and ‘Hinglish’ — to revolutionize the learning experience on Thriversity, its online skills library.

With AI rapidly changing corporate learning & development (L&D) and chatbots becoming ubiquitous within the edtech industry, the ‘unique conversational agent’ has been developed in-house using OpenAI’s API and content from Thriversity’s courses, pathways, and master classes. Most edtech platforms have one-way conversations that bombard learners with generic information (documents, videos, and ‘next’ buttons). In contrast, Harappa’s endeavor is to deploy tailor-made interactive training elements that lead to engaged learners with high knowledge retention and put learners in control of their learning journeys. Without human limitations (think forgetting, recall, cognitive bias, cognitive overload, getting ill or retiring) thriveBOT will seek to provide a training experience that is just like chatting with a colleague. An online session will now look and feel like a natural conversation between the learner and a colleague — personal, straight to the point, and fun! Some of the salient features include:

  • * Instantaneous Support: Accessing real-time explanations, examples, and additional resources, to enhance a learner’s understanding of concepts, frameworks, and principles pertaining to a particular course
  • * Engaging Interactions: Employing natural language processing to foster dynamic conversations, making learning personal, enjoyable, and interactive
  • * Content Summarization: Distilling concepts and videos easily into structured and easily consumable information
  • * Deeper Questions: Encouraging critical thinking by addressing in-depth questions posed by learners
  • * Content Discovery: Assistance in discovering relevant resources, enriching their learning experience
  • * Language Customisation: Ensuring accessibility to learners from diverse linguistic backgrounds

“As a leader in innovative learning solutions, Harappa is excited to take a step further with the launch of this AI-powered chatbot on our Thriversity platform,” added Pramath Raj Sinha, Co-founder and chairman, of Harappa. “By leveraging OpenAI’s API, we’ve created a transformative tool that not only delivers high-quality education but also addresses the unique challenges that learners often face while studying online.”

thriveBOT’s precision in delivering content suggestions is already evident in its beta stage with 90% accuracy. Moving forward, we will leverage consumption data to continually enhance its capabilities and provide learners with an even more personalized learning experience. Our goal is to empower learners of all backgrounds to reach their professional goals efficiently. thriveBOT is a significant step in that direction.

“We are constantly in pursuit of better, faster, and deeper ways to learn. We are in an age where education is more accessible than ever before. Adult learners are busy people and making time for learning is rarely a priority. We intend to spearhead the change,” said Mayank Kumar, Co-founder & MD, of upGrad. “Imagine the spike in productivity if your employees are empowered with a knowledgeable and personalized training assistant at no additional cost. With the proliferation and high adoption of chatbots, this is no longer science fiction. This is where we see this innovation as an enabler in positioning India Inc. as the market-ready talent for the world economies.”

thriveBOT will be initially available for select Thriversity cohorts, with access opened to other cohorts soon. The adoption of AI aligns perfectly with Harappa’s mission to democratize quality education and offer impactful learning experiences to its learner community.