21K School’s Class 2 student designs innovative Solar System game

Yakshit Agarwal student of 21K

Delhi, 27 January 2022: World over children have been impacted by the pandemic, having experienced this crisis during critical periods of physical, social, and emotional development. Some have seized the day and gone beyond challenges to discover new possibilities. Yakshit Agarwal, a Class 2 student of 21K School, from Delhi has utilized his time to design a Solar System game on the Scratch portal. The game enables students to learn and explore different planets of the galaxy.

21K School is India’s only online-only school that provides students with personalised learning and flexible education to choose from the Indian, American and British curriculum. Yakshit, who joined 21K School last year class has developed a love for coding that has now helped him to design, innovative games. He started working on the Solar System game on the Scratch portal and completed it within two days.

While playing the Solar System game, one can use the arrow keys to move the rocket around and learn cool facts about planets. In the game, one has to also protect the rocket from purple aliens.

Elated with the invention Yakshit has created, Bhavya Agarwal, mother of Yakshit, said, “Yakshit joined Scratch platform for an extra-curricular activity. We are happy that 21K School gave him that platform to showcase his creativity. There wasn’t scope for Yakshit in his earlier school. But here in 21K School, teachers let students express and showcase their creativity. The school gives students options to do whatever activity they want to do. So this gave Yakshit a platform to showcase what he has learnt. When Yakshit’s teacher recognised his achievement on social media, that motivated him to do more and improve as well. Yakshit also learnt to code and that helped him to develop games. After completing 3 hours at school Yakshit gets ample time for his extra-curricular activities.”

Echoing the sentiments of Yakshit’s mother, Aruna Shetty, Principal of 21K School, said, “Yakshit has made us proud by creating such an innovative game at this young age. Yakshit is a talented student and am sure he will explore more and keep innovating in the future too! Keeping in mind his inclination for coding and designing games, we have always supported him to nurture his love for it and provided him with the necessary encouragement at all times.”