CTPL Achieves Second Consecutive Year of Exclusive Admissions Rights with Jagran Lake University

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Paving the Way for Unprecedented Academic Excellence

New Delhi, November 29, 2023: CTPL, a pioneering Admissions Technology company at the forefront of the digital transformation of higher education, proudly announces the successful culmination of its second year in an exclusive partnership with Jagran Lake University (JLU) in Bhopal. This strategic alliance continues to set new standards for quality admissions, reflecting the commitment of both CTPL and JLU to provide unparalleled opportunities for students.

This partnership heralds a new era for JLU Bhopal, enhancing its capabilities in student acquisition, engagement, and overall academic excellence. Chairman Mr. Abhishek Mohan Gupta of JLU Bhopal expressed enthusiasm regarding the collaboration, citing CTPL’s exceptional performance and innovative strategies as pivotal in reshaping the institution’s student acquisition and retention strategies. CTPL’s unwavering support and transformative solutions stand as a testament to its commitment to reshaping the admissions game and fostering exponential growth for its partner institutions.

Renowned for its enterprise-level approach, CTPL specializes in end-to-end admissions solutions powered by its proprietary technology & platforms, offering comprehensive management from lead acquisition to final fees collection for universities and institutes. CTPL strategically empowers universities with 6+ Counseling Centers located across major cities, facilitating the scaling up of lead processing, conversion, and student retention capacity. The collaboration between CTPL and JLU Bhopal signifies an innovative paradigm in admissions, leveraging collaborative ecosystems and data-driven strategies.

Bikash Sahoo, CEO at CTPL

“We’re embarking on an incredible journey with JLU Bhopal,” expressed Bikash Sahoo, CEO at CTPL. This exclusive partnership underscores our commitment to refining the student acquisition experience, benefiting both students and institutions. The partnership between CTPL and JLU Bhopal signifies an innovative paradigm in admissions, leveraging collaborative ecosystems and data-driven strategies. CTPL’s commitment is evident through its substantial investments, enabling partners to achieve remarkable growth, exceeding expectations.

For more information about CTPL’s partnership with JLU Bhopal in student acquisition and branding, please contact: info@ctpl.io

About CTPL: CTPL.io is on a dedicated mission to revolutionize the landscape of admissions for universities nationwide. With a strategic focus on maximizing return on investment while minimizing costs, CTPL has facilitated over 50,000 admissions for esteemed partner universities and colleges. As part of its forward-looking commitment, CTPL aims to enable 1 Million+ admissions for partner universities in the next 5 years, ushering in unprecedented growth in the new era of the Indian Education Ecosystem.

About JLU Bhopal: Jagran Lakecity University (JLU) Bhopal, recognized by UGC, stands as one of Central India’s fastest-growing and most awarded universities, offering 50+ degree programs to over 2500 students from 8 countries and 27 states in India. JLU believes in nurturing leaders of the future who have honesty, vision, and fortitude to shape all spheres of human existence by thinking globally but acting locally.