Sony BBC Earth Feel Alive Hours 7th Edition: A Journey of Discovery and Knowledge

Sony BBC Earth Feel Alive National, 24 November 2023 Prepare to dive headfirst into a thrilling odyssey of knowledge and exploration as the much-awaited seventh edition of Sony BBC Earth’s Feel Alive Hours, the ultimate children’s quiz contest makes its triumphant return! The anticipation of young minds knows no bounds as the entry for the national quiz contest has already begun.

In the previous edition, Sony BBC Earth’s Feel Alive Hours provided a launching pad for young geniuses to display their quizzing prowess, drawing an awe-inspiring response of 2000+ registrations for the nationwide quiz. This year, the channel has elevated the stakes to an entirely new level, allowing individual participation in the quiz competition. Feel Alive Hours reaches out to 250+ schools across the nation to provide students with an immersive voyage into the realm of enthralling science experiments, interactive escapades, and mesmerizing content across genres. The introduction of the Inter-School Quiz Contest has helped budding scholars expand their horizons by connecting with kindred spirits from every corner of the nation in the pursuit of excellence.

The school contact program is a mix of content viewing to help students explore shows related to science, wildlife, adventure, etc., and DIY sessions to fuel their creativity and curiosity. The contest is an essential part of the Feel Alive Hours property as it enables participants to exhibit their knowledge and hone essential skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. The finale will see the sharpest young minds vying for prestigious prizes and, above all, the esteemed title of Sony BBC Earth Feel Alive Hours Quiz Champion. With a plethora of surprises, mind-boggling challenges, and awe-inspiring content, this year the Feel Alive Hours aims to be bigger and better than ever before.

In addition to the ‘Feel Alive Hours’ Quiz Contest, Sony BBC Earth curated an informative and engaging website, offering students the chance to stay updated on exclusive Sony BBC Earth events happening across various cities.


Rohan Jain, Business Operations Head – Sony AATH and Head – Marketing & Insights, English Cluster, Sony Pictures Networks

“Sony BBC Earth’s Feel Alive Hours is a celebration of quizzing brilliance as well as a nurturing ground for an insatiable passion for learning. We have been receiving a phenomenal response to the Feel Alive Hours sessions and the recently added quiz competition, and we hope to continue the journey of enlightenment with more passion and vigor.”