Premiere Show of film Passport Man of India based on Dr.Dnyaneshwar Mulay’s life…

Premiere Show of film Passport Man of India based on Dr.Dnyaneshwar Mulay’s life...

Documentary Film – PASSPORT MAN OF INDIA based on Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay’s life. He made passport accessible to everyone who wanted it.

New Delhi, May 2022: The remarkable global journey of an IFS officer, Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay, Member, NHRC, was earlier documented in the film ‘Gypsy’ , which received wide recognition in India and abroad. Post-retirement his further work and contribution is filmed in the sequel of the upcoming documentary film, PASSPORT MAN OF INDIA… gypsy returns The film is produced by Neha S Anchan and Dr. S.V. Anchan, Chairman of Safesea Group, co-sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services and directed by Dhananjay Bhawalekar.

The premiere of this film was held on Saturday, 30th April 2022 at 6 p.m. in Banquet Hall of New Maharashtra Sadan, Delhi. Hon. Dr. DY Patil Former Governor of Bihar and Tripura; Chairperson of NHRC Hon. Justice Arun Mishra; Hon. Prince Abaji Rajah Bhonsle, Maratha Royal Family of Thanjavur; Hon Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay, Member NHRC; Dr. S.V. Anchan, Producer and Chairman, Safesea Group; Mr. Jagadeswara Rao Maddukuri Founder and President Poland India Business Council and dignitaries from the Ministry of External Affairs and officers and employees from TCS Passport Seva Kendra graced the occasion. Film director, Dhananjay Bhawalekar and the film crew members were present for the premiere.

This film would prove to be an inspiration not only to the youth who aspire to be administrative officers and diplomats but also to those wishing to serve in any field with passion and commitment.

The journey of a village lad – Dnyanu to Ambassador, Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay was not an easy one. While serving as a diplomat he contributed immensely to India’s nation-building efforts. As Secretary in the Ministry Of External Affairs, he played a leadership role in transforming the passport system by simplifying procedures and revolutionizing the accessibility by opening over 400 new offices. People have honored him with the title, Passport Man of India to acknowledge his contribution.

After retirement, Dr. Mulay, currently, Member, of NHRC is passionately involved in social transformation in the areas of education, health and village adoption programmes. The founder of the Movement of Positivity, Dr. Mulay has brought people from varied backgrounds on a single platform to create a social order that is based on creativity, constructive approach, and compassion. Dr. Mulay is the founder of REDIO organization which is an active support group of Rescuing Every Distressed Indian Overseas (REDIO).

Besides, he has contributed immensely in the field of literature in his mother tongue Marathi and other languages. His literary works have been acclaimed and are prescribed as textbooks in two state universities. The documentary film PASSPORT MAN OF INDIA…gypsy returns, highlights the contribution of this visionary Ambassador who made people centric service his mission in life.

The felicitations of the dignitaries at the premiere were followed by speeches. Justice Arun Kumar Mishra, Chairperson NHRC, expressed his opinion that how passport process that was challenging and a status symbol was eased by Dr. Mulay. He also mentioned that passport is not only meant for individual progress but also for important to establish an identity for the Indians. He said that Dr. Mulay is an institution of positivity in himself and that such kind of documentaries should be in the country to spread positivity.

Jagdeswara Rao Maddakuri, Founder and President, India Poland Business Council said. ” I was touched by Dr. Mulay’s humility.”

Padmashree Ida Isri Putra Mannuaba from Indonesia praised the initiatives by Dr. Mulay to build friendship between countries.

Prince Abaji Rajah Bhonsle from the Maratha Royal Family, Thanjavur said, ” His service to the nation is truly an inspiration along with his contribution in the field of literature.” He appealed that every citizen should watch the documentary.

Ausaf Sayeed, Secretary, MEA mentioned the strong foundation laid by Dr. Mulay to simplify the passport process. ” Dr. Mulay’s passion for bringing about a change in an acceptable manner is a revolution indeed.”

Dr. D. Y. Patil, Former Governor of Bihar and Tripura gave his blessings to the entire film making team and commented on the revolutionary and progressive work beneficial for every Indian citizen.

Dr. SV Anchan, Film Producer stressed that IFS officers are unsung heroes of India and we should bring them to people at large.

Dhananjay Bhawalekar, Film Director highlighted the importance of documentary filmmaking that remains a preservation for the coming generations. He stressed, “Making a film is easier than reaching out to the audience and the task has been initiated and we have tried to capture different dimensions of Dr. Mulay in the film from local to global.”

The event concluded with the speech of Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay, Member NHRC, the Passport Man of India. Giving a few details about the quantitative and qualitative reforms that he had tried to bring about during his tenure he also talked about his current democratic initiatives Movement of Positivity & REDIO for social and cultural progress and its blueprint that would enhance India’s progress.

Mr. Girish Pant, Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awardee from Dubai; Mr. Raghav Chandra, IAS Officer; Mr. Sunil Sethi, Chairman, Fashion Design Council of India; Mr. Tamta, Former Executive Director, State Bank of Maharashtra; Mrs. Archana Chaudhary, Principal, Chief Commissioner Income Tax, Delhi; Mrs. Sadhana Shanker, Principal Director General, Income Tax, Delhi were also present during the occasion.