ZEE Biskope Introduces ZEE Maaiskope on Mother’s Day…

L-R Chintu Pandey, Amarpreet Singh Saini, Chief Channel Officer, Bhojpuri Cluster, ZEEL, Jit Sengupta Director, Marketing ZEEL

Mumbai: We all hold huge value for the bond we share with our Mother. The emotional association with them is not just strong but deep rooted. The love for Mother in the Bhojpuri region extends even to the ethos of its culture and rituals where worshiping the Mother Goddess Chhati Maaiya is of immense significance. Mother-son or Mother-daughter relationships have also been prominent themes in Bhojpuri movies. Like movies depict the world to us, it’s our mothers who show us the world making it more meaningful.

She is the one to cook for all but eat last at home. She is the one who does not even have a weekend off. She is the one who will fast and make delicacies for everyone to feast during a festival. She gives so much to us. However, have we ever reflected on what are we giving back to her? ZEE Biskope decided to give back to the epitome of Indian ethos… The Mother!

ZEE Biskope elevates this Mother’s Day to acknowledge and honour Mothers for their untiring contributions to our lives. The brand dedicates the day to the one who locks her dreams to fulfil ours, to the one who loves us unconditionally without expecting to be loved and to the one who grinds through the challenges of life with a smiling face only to ensure our well-being. The brand invites all to dedicate this Mother’s Day #MaaiKeNaam (in the name of Mother). The channel stems this initiative into three verticals: Channel #MaaiKeNaam, Maai Ke Din #MaaiKeNaam & Maai Ke Movie #MaaiKeNaam.

In a category first stance under the #MaaiKeNaam initiative, ZEE Biskope will mark an iconic milestone on Mother’s Day by dedicating the channel #MaaiKeNaam. It creates ZEE Maaiskope – a gesture to place Mother at a pedestal of love, reverence & gravitas. Mother’s Day is an occasion that goes beyond mere tokenism or trend-jacking. The brand intends to take an impactful route that strike the right chord of acknowledging the contributions of a Mother and thereby inspiring the viewers and other stakeholder groups to propagate this thought further.

Mothers are always on duty. Whatever be the occasion, she is always in the backdrop ensuring a fun time for her children & family. While we can’t compensate for the unconditional contributions that a mother extends to her children and family, we can at least appreciate her love and efforts by giving her a day off that she so well-deserves. ZEE Biskope invites viewers to dedicate Maai Ke Din #MaaiKeNaam. Viewers can share videos on how they plan to contribute to their mother’sresponsibilities this Mother’s Day such that she can enjoy a day-off. The top 3 mother-son/ daughter duo will be invited to Mumbai for a gratifying experience where the mother becomes the focus for the day. She will get a grooming session, fine dining experience, feature on ZEE Biskope and also a tour of the city of dreams. While all this while it has been the mother gratifying her children, its now her children who can earn the gratification for their mothers by just a small gesture of giving her a day off.

If you think that’s it, you are mistaken. ZEE Biskope takes yet another category first initiative – Maai Ke Movie #MaaiKeNaam. All this while, the channel has been curating movie festival with its sharp consumer understanding. However, this time, the brand invites the viewers to curate a movie festival that their mothers can enjoy on Mother’s Day. The channel will share a list of mother-themed movies which the viewers can vote for as per their Mother’s choice. The top 3 voted movies will be set as the line-up for the Mother’s Day festival. It will be a content offering for the Mothers curated by their sons/daughters.

Samrat Ghosh, Chief Cluster Officer, East, ZEEL said, “ZEE Biskope, salutes the spirit of motherhood this Mother’s Day by changing the narrative around the occasion. We have all seen our mothers toiling away for the well-being of our families with a smile on their faces. ZEE Biskope sparks the thought of giving back to her in an impactful way. Evident from the success of the brand’s earlier initiatives, such efforts with an emotional appeal create a huge impression among the young audience uplifting the brand’s value and making it more approachable and ‘Apna’ to the viewers. This is yet another evidence of the brand’s thought leadership and dedication to live upto its promise of delivering initiatives that the category has never seen before. The category is sure to see more such initiatives from the brand’s kitty in the coming months.”

Amarpreet Singh Saini, Chief Channel Officer, Bhojpuri Cluster, ZEEL said, “For a mother, the fact that her children contribute for her happiness and earns her a gratifying experience is much more rewarding than the material gratification. It’s the sense of acknowledgement that means a thousand words for her. At ZEE Biskope, we always strive to make our viewer’s life more rewarding through the lens of entertainment. #MaaiKeNaam initiative is a testimony to the brand’s commitment to provide its viewers with platforms where they can develop positive impact in their lives while enjoying their core cultural ethos. We wish all Mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day.”

Through this never-done-before feat in the Bhojpuri entertainment industry, ZEE Biskope, a channel that knows the pulse of its viewers, looks to drive the right conversations amongst its viewers by inspiring them to appreciate the love and effort a mother has for her child.

The channel is motivated to grow from strength to strength and break new ground in the industry as the ultimate Bhojpuri entertainer. ZEE Biskope is available on Airtel (channel no 663), Tata Sky (channel no 1120), DEN Bihar (channel no 840), DEN Jharkhand (channel no 839), DD Free Dish (channel no 31), D2H (channel no 2073), Dish TV (channel no 1555), Siti Cable (channel no 214) and Darsh Digital (channel no 189). It’ll soon be available on all other major cable platforms.