I waited for years for a larger-than-life character like Ravan, says actor Nikitin Dheer, who will portray Ravan in Sony Entertainment Television’s divine epic, Shrimad Ramayan

Nikitin DheerThe imminent launch of Shrimad Ramayan on 1st January 2024, on Sony Entertainment Television, has sparked a wave of excitement amongst fans. The timeless narrative of this great Indian epic will air every Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM, enabling viewers to experience the beauty and wisdom of Lord Ram’s journey, with Sujay Reu portraying Maryada Purushottam Prabhu Shri Ram and Prachi Bansal as Mata Sita. And now, the makers are ready to introduce the formidable King of Lanka, Ravan, with ace actor Nikitin Dheer bringing to life this mighty warrior.

With a robust ability to depict intense characters, Nikitin is poised to deliver a compelling performance, adding new layers of strength to the fierce opponent, Ravan. Elaborating further, Nikitin Dheer says, “Embracing the complexity and depth of this iconic figure is both a challenge and an exhilarating opportunity. As an actor, I am excited to dive into Ravan’s persona, shedding light on the inner turmoil and struggles faced by Ravan, and infusing intensity and authenticity into every nuance. This journey promises to be an extraordinary exploration of a wide range of emotions, and I eagerly await the launch of the show for viewers to witness the grandeur and drama unfolding in this timeless epic. I have waited for years for a larger-than-life character like ‘Ravan’. I am a little nervous, but that only helps me perform better and it is the fuel I need for a role of this magnitude.”

One of the central themes of Shrimad Ramayan is the eternal battle between good and evil. The show will capture the essence of this conflict, highlighting the virtues of devotion, righteousness, and truth, while also depicting the vices of greed, ego, and deceit. Viewers will certainly expect a captivating portrayal of Ravan by Nikitin Dheer, contributing to the grandeur and essence of ‘Shrimad Ramayan,’ promising audiences a visually appealing retelling of this classic tale.

‘Shrimad Ramayan’ premieres on January 1, 2024, and will air every Monday to Friday at 9 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television