When meaty delights meet foot-tapping beats – you know its Licious Sound of the Season

Sneha KhanwalkarBangalore, 22 December 2023: India’s most loved meat & seafood brand, Licious, takes forth its endeavour to mark December as the most flavourful month of the year, this time, with a musical twist! The brand has partnered with popular music composer Sneha Khanwalkar to create the ‘Sound of the Season’ – a catchy, groovy sound piece that aptly translates the essence of Licious Decemmmber into beats and notes. The foot-tapping number begins with a gentle reminder that it’s not December, but Decemmmber; and is interspersed with delectable notes of ‘mmmm’ as Licious’ fans are seen relishing their favourite meaty delights. This song is just what you need to keep the celebrations going. Watch the song here and order your Licious favs, dig into them and go ‘mmmm’ to sing along here.

Talking about Licious’ making it a Decemmmber to rememmmber with the ‘Sound of the Season’, Santosh Hegde, Vice President, Brand – Licious, said, “It has been a much happening month for us, as festivities kicked in at the onset of Decemmmber. While our consumers rejoice meaty celebrations every day, the Licious Decemmmber campaign has reached a crescendo with the ‘Sound of the Season’. Created with the uber-talented Sneha Khanwalkar, this song is the perfect amalgamation of lip-smacking Licious delicacies and foot-tapping beats. Then why wait, just celebrate with your loved family & friends; enjoying the many delights of ‘Licious Decemmmber’, and shake a leg with at it!”

Speaking about the collaboration, music composer and artist Sneha Khanwalkar, said, “The music composer in me is always looking for ways to create differentiated, experimental tunes. And the opportunity to partner with Licious for their Decemmmber campaign was a match meant to be – bringing together my love for good food and great beats. The journey of curating the ‘Sound of the Season’ with Licious has been nothing short of amazing. It has been an incredible experience strumming together the sounds shared by fans from across the country, being a part of moments of joy & delight as they savoured their meaty favourites. So let’s get this Decemmmber started, hope you enjoy grooving to the ‘Sound of the Season’ as much as I enjoyed creating it.”

What makes ‘Sound of the Season’ truly special is how it captures the sounds of Licious’ fans from across the country. Earlier in the month, Licious and Sneha invited entries of consumers expressing just how much they enjoy their Chicken Nuggets or Crispy Prawns, asking them to send in their ‘mmmm’s. From the overwhelming response received, select sounds of sheer indulgence and meaty bliss made it to the final song composed by Sneha. The song that can be viewed on the brand’s Insta page Licious_Foods features glimpses of people digging into the choiciest of meat and seafood preparations, against the apt backdrop of the ‘mmmm’ sounds. With each ‘mmmm,’ the song gets groovier and the mood merrier, beckoning you to get your December going (if not done already!). As you enjoy the ‘Sound of the Season’, enjoy Season’s Specials, Special Treats and Red Hot Deals on the Licious App and Website all through this month; because, you know, ‘It’s not December, it’s Licious Decemmmber’!