India is Shifting to Holistic Wellness and Nutritional Choices: HyugaLife Health Survey 2023

HyugaLife LogoMumbai December 21, 2023- In the dynamic landscape of India’s nutraceutical market, the trajectory from a modest USD 2 billion in 2010 to a staggering USD 16.3 billion in 2023 reveals a seismic shift in health perceptions. Against this backdrop, HyugaLife, the health and wellness platform backed by actress Katrina Kaif and cricketer KL Rahul, recently conducted a survey in India. The survey aimed to unravel the prevalent attitudes and behaviors of Indians towards health and supplementation.

Demographic Patterns

The age distribution of respondents, with 41.5% below 30 years of age, paints a nuanced picture, highlighting the discerning interest and increasing awareness of health and fitness among the youth.

Rising Demand for Health Supplements

Approximately 53% of respondents only recently embraced the world of supplements, reflecting a growing inclination among Indians to explore these products for enhancing their health. As the preferences & purchasing power of the Indian population evolve, there is a clear move away from basic needs like sustenance towards a heightened focus on health and nutrition.

Among those who include supplements in their routines, the majority of them consistently took essentials like multivitamins, Vitamin B, C, and D. The positive trajectory suggests a noteworthy shift – supplements are no longer viewed as merely medicinal but have become a regular part of daily nutritional intake.

Two prevalent categories in the supplement landscape are multivitamins and beauty supplements. The survey affirms that people prioritize both their inner and outer health. A significant 23.8% chose beauty supplements to enhance hair and skin health, while 20% embraced vitamin/mineral supplements.

Navigating Wellness Confusion

Over 37% expressed confusion about initiating their wellness journey, a sentiment indicative of the complexities individuals face in the realm of health. HyugaLife tapped into this audience with their Chatbot assistance and real-time nutritionist consultations that have so far clocked over 100 hours of free consultations in the last 12 months.

Snacking Revolution: Indians Embrace Healthier Choices

There also seems to be a paradigm shift toward healthier snacking. As per the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, the healthy snacking market in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 20% between 2020 and 2025. Indians are also waking up to the reality of protein deficiency. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that 19% of survey participants opted for healthier snack alternatives such as peanut butter, energy bars, and oats.

The Rising Preference of Natural Solutions

A notable trend is the increasing preference for herbal and natural ingredients in dietary supplements. About a third of respondents revealed their inclination toward supplements featuring plant-based and traditional elements. This surge in demand is propelled by the Indian consumer’s faith in traditional remedies as solutions to modern-age health challenges. Moreover, a rising desire for plant-based protein supplements is evident. The acknowledgment of the benefits associated with plant-based proteins aligns with a broader movement towards healthier and sustainable dietary choices.

Conclusion: Shaping a Health-Conscious Future

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise in lifestyle-related health concerns have stirred a significant transformation in the mindset of Indians. The HyugaLife Health Survey reflects this shift towards heightened health and fitness consciousness. This evolving perspective fosters a proactive healthcare approach, spotlighting the growing importance of preventive measures in our daily lives. As Indians strive for a healthier future, the survey’s insights also spotlight the rising trend of incorporating dietary supplements, indicating a holistic commitment to overall well-being.