Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central to become a first hospital in Mumbai to introduce millet-based food diet for patients

Wockhardt HospitalsMumbai, December 21 2023 _ Wockhardt Hospitals Mumbai Central, a renowned healthcare institution, proudly marks a milestone in patient care by announcing its distinction as the first hospital in Mumbai to introduce a millet-based food diet for patients. This groundbreaking initiative, launched in collaboration with the esteemed service provider Sodexo, signifies a paradigm shift in nutritional offerings under the banner of ‘Arogyam,’ accentuating a commitment to health-conscious choices.

Wockhardt Hospitals showcased its commitment to promoting health and wellness by organizing a captivating millet-based “Food Show”, highlighting the integral role of diet in patient recovery. This featured a skilled Sodexo chef who has crafted a diverse array of delicious and nutritious dishes. The nutritionist also highlighted the health benefits of a millet-based diet during the food show. The delectable creations not only tantalized taste buds but also emphasized the dedication to providing patients with nourishing and flavorful choices for a healthier journey to recovery.

“At Wockhardt Hospitals, we firmly believe that good health begins with good nutrition. We are thrilled to lead the way as the first hospital in Mumbai to introduce a millet-based diet for our patients. Millets are a nutritional powerhouse, rich in essential vitamins and minerals. This initiative aligns with our commitment to providing not only medical care but also creating a holistic healing environment. ‘Arogyam’ is a manifestation of our dedication to fostering healthier lifestyles and represents a significant step towards positively impacting our patients’ well-being,” said Zahabiya Khorakiwala, Managing Director at Wockhardt Hospitals.

“There has been a void in the space of patient nutrition with clear distinction. Our insights when complemented with the needs of the hospital fraternity, helped us look for solutions to cater to modern nutritional needs, where food can be leveraged as a differentiator to aid the healing process. The idea is to match patient care with the right nutrition for an enhanced experience. Thus came the idea of Aarogyum, which draws inspiration from the ancient principles of Ayurveda. From cooking techniques to the use of fresh & natural ingredients and the close partnership of the dietetics & culinary team, we have been able to craft a customised solution that is healthy and nutritious”, says Sharad Misra, Director – Health & Care, Sodexo India.

Under the ‘Arogyam’ initiative, patients now have access to a meticulously curated menu featuring a diverse range of millet-based dishes. This move goes beyond traditional dietary offerings, promoting not only health but also culinary diversity within the hospital setting. This ensures that these meals are not only nutritious but also delicious, catering to the diverse palates and dietary preferences of patients.

This groundbreaking initiative reinforces as a frontrunner in patient-centered care, establishing a fresh benchmark for healthcare institutions in Mumbai. The ‘Arogyam’ initiative underscores the hospital’s resolute dedication to innovation, well-being, and prioritizing patients, marking the onset of a new era characterized by nutritional excellence in healthcare.