The Authors Deck Spotlights Renowned Nutritionists, Elevating Health and Well-being Conversations at Select CITYWALK

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New Delhi, September 8, 2023– Select CITYWALK hosted the second edition of The Authors Deck, an enriching experience aimed at connecting authors across various genres with readers and promoting engaging conversations. Hosted by the charismatic founder of The Authors Deck, Sunayana Chibba, the driving force behind The X Factor Enterprises, renowned for luxury events, lifestyle exhibitions, and designer launches, the event featured esteemed nutritionists Ishi Khosla, Kavita Devgan, and Shalini Narayanan, who shared their invaluable insights into health and fitness tips, captivating the audience with their knowledge.

Titled, The Authors Desk, the event offered a platform for attendees to delve into the world of nutrition and health with expert guidance. The distinguished panel of nutritionists—Ishi Khosla, Kavita Devgan, and Shalini Narayanan—delved into a plethora of topics, ranging from mindful eating to personalized dietary plans, bursting myths about nutrition & weight management and providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sunayana Chibba, the driving force behind the event, exclaimed, “I am thrilled to see my passion project, The Authors Deck, come to life! Over the years, I’ve poured my heart into curating and organizing events, having been a part of thousands. This event holds a special place – the joy, pride, and enriching experience it brings is beyond words. Health is a primary concern for all of us, and this was an engaging and productive conversation for our guests. I cannot wait to share more with all of you!”

The Authors Deck serves as a platform where writers and readers convene in a finely curated book and cultural event, attracting a like-minded audience. The event’s primary objective is to kindle a renewed love for reading in an era dominated by technology. “I’ve been toying with the conceptualization of this idea for a very long time, and finally, it’s taken its shape,” Chibba added.


The event’s highlights included a captivating session by renowned face yoga expert Savitu Singh, who introduced the concept of incorporating face yoga into daily routines. Attendees were treated to an enlightening demonstration of facial exercises that can naturally contribute to improved facial muscle tone and overall relaxation.

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Mr. Yogeshwar Sharma, Director at Select CITYWALK, expressed his spirit, stating, “Our aim with all events is to foster a sense of community with our patrons and guests. As a holistic destination experience, we are delighted to partner with innovative concepts like ‘The Author’s Deck’, which promotes the culture of reading and conversation. We hope to see more enriching and engaging conversations for our patrons across the rest of the year.”

This event seamlessly aligned with Select CITYWALK’S ethos of curating enriching experiences that resonate with the community’s needs. As a hub known for its vibrant ambiance and emphasis on holistic well-being, Select CITYWALK continuously redefines shopping and entertainment by integrating events that empower individuals to embrace healthier, more gratifying lives.