aha introduces viewers to CinemAApuram, a world of unending entertainment, with latest releases every Friday

Welcome to CinemAApuram

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100% Telugu OTT platform aha, a household name for Telugu entertainment, welcomes audiences to CinemAApuram, an exciting world for cinema buffs, where films and stars are worshipped like no other and nothing is more important than a Friday release. CinemAApuram promises to take viewers on a roller-coaster ride with new releases every Friday, featuring the most-loved stars in Telugu cinema. And who better than Icon Star Allu Arjun, the brand ambassador of aha, to be the face of the initiative?

aha’s CinemAApuram kickstarted with an entertaining promo, launched in the presence of its founder Allu Aravind, filmmakers Nandini Reddy and Prasanth Varma. In the virtual launch before the promo release, the trio shared how their successful journeys in the industry had first begun as film buffs. They went back in time to reminisce various memories where nothing could come between them and their love for cinema.

“My craziest memory as a film buff would have to be the one where I spotted an English film poster as an early teenager. It was an adult film and I tried to watch it in the theatre, applying grease on my face and trying to pass it off as my moustache. I was eventually caught by the theatre person. I am yet to watch that film even today. I remember a time when international film releases were halted in India, owing to a few issues and I just didn’t know how to spend my Fridays. I and my son, Allu Arjun, know nothing better than films. CinemAApuram is a world that’ll take viewers on aha another step closer to their favourite stars and films. I congratulate Prasanth Varma for a fantastic promo,” Allu Aravind, aha’s Founder said.

“Being a Superman fan, I tried to pull off his famous mid-air stunt using my hands, jumping in excitement and had a bad fall, nearly breaking my bones. What’s worse was the whacking I got from my mother later. CinemAApuram is a world that’ll be so apt for me, where I can shout, whistle, celebrate cinema sans any inhibition. I am so fascinated by what the campaign’s promo has to offer. I wish I could go forward in time and watch the second part of it. CinemAApuram is exactly what the doctor ordered for film buffs like me and audiences,” filmmaker Nandini Reddy added.

“A lot of detailing went into the promo of CinemAApuram and we had to erect a huge set to flesh out all possible details in a world where films, actors of all generations are worshipped, celebrated. Right from the streets to tattoos to how the people talk and walk, nothing can separate films from their lives. The first promo is only the tip of the iceberg and I’m sure audiences will have a similar response to the next promo, to be launched shortly. CinemAApuram is a place for those who forget the world while they’re lost in films. I was one among them and now, I am making films. It’s good to see that life has come full circle with CinemAApuram for me,” director Prasanth Varma shared.

aha is also home to some of the biggest Telugu releases in 2021, including Love Story, Unstoppable with NBK, 3 Roses, One, Manchi Rojuloachaie, Laabham, Romantic, Most Eligible Bachelor, Anubhavinchu Raja, Sarkaar, Chef Mantra, The Baker and The Beauty, Krack, Alludu Garu, 11th Hour, Naandhi, Super Deluxe, Tharagathi Gadhi Daati, Maha Ganesha, Parinayam, and Ichata Vahanamulu Nilupa Radu.