Interface Ventures and MEDC Collaborate to Empower MSMEs through Enhanced Fundraising

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Mumbai, 1st May 2024: In a move set to greatly benefit small businesses across Maharashtra, Interface Ventures and the Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC) today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This strategic partnership will enable MEDC’s micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) enterprises in the state to leverage Interface Ventures’ innovative fundraising platform and services.

The MoU signing, held in Mumbai, aims to address the crucial funding gaps faced by MEDC members across the state. Interface Ventures will leverage its cutting-edge technology, extensive investor networks, and fundraising expertise to help these businesses raise growth capital more efficiently, as they embark on their long-term growth and expansion journeys. Services offered include assistance with investor pitches, capital raising, initial public offering (IPO) guidance, financial modelling, valuation advisory and more. This collaboration is expected to significantly boost fundraising success rates and contribute to the overall economic progress of MSMEs within MEDC.

Sharing his insights on the association, Karan Desai, Founder of Interface Ventures, said, “Raising funds is one of the biggest roadblocks for businesses looking to scale up operations. We are excited to work closely with MEDC and empower their MSME members by making fundraising a seamless experience through our user-friendly platform and expert advisory.”

“At Interface Ventures, we understand the unique challenges businesses face when it comes to securing growth capital. Our collaboration with MEDC is a step towards bridging this gap by providing specialised fundraising solutions tailored to the needs of MSMEs. Through our intuitive platform and seasoned advisory team, we aim to simplify the fundraising journey for MEDC’s members and enable them to focus on driving innovation and creating value. Together, we are committed to building an ecosystem where businesses can thrive and contribute significantly to the state’s economic development.”, he added.

Under the MoU, MEDC will facilitate introductions of its members who may need Interface Ventures’ services and enable discussions and dialogues between Interface and the members to allow transactions to move forward smoothly.

Mr. Atul Shirodkar, President of MEDC said “MEDC is delighted to collaborate with Interface Ventures and facilitate access to their diverse fundraising offerings for our esteemed members. Our alliance represents a significant milestone in our mission to nurture entrepreneurship and drive economic development within the state. By leveraging Interface Ventures’ expertise and comprehensive solutions, our members will gain a distinct competitive advantage in securing the funds necessary for expansion, innovation, and sustained growth. We are excited to witness the positive impact this collaboration will have on businesses ranging from micro-enterprises to large corporations, and propel them towards new heights of success, contributing to the overall prosperity of Maharashtra’s vibrant economic space.”

The synergistic alliance between Interface Ventures and MEDC underscores both organizations’ steadfast commitment to creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and contribute to the state’s economic growth.

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