KIIT World School Principal Appointed as City Coordinator by CBSE

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Gurgaon- Dr. Neelima Kamrah, Principal of KIIT World School Gurgaon, has been appointed as the City Coordinator for Gurugram-B by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This appointment recognizes Dr. Kamrah’s experience, cooperation, and coordinating skills, along with the reputation of KIIT World School.

Dr Neelima Kamrah KIIT World School Principal

In her new role, Dr. Kamrah will support the smooth conduct of examinations, evaluations, and various activities organized by CBSE. She will oversee pre and post-exam activities for Secondary and Senior Secondary levels, including academic workshops, sports events, and special exams.

As City Coordinator, Dr. Kamrah will coordinate with CBSE-affiliated schools in Gurugram-B, offering guidance and support, and providing feedback on school activities. She will act as a link between CBSE and the schools, collaborating with teachers, parents, and community stakeholders to promote academic excellence.

Dr. Kamrah’s tentative period of three years, subject to performance review at the end of each year.

Dr. Neelima Kamrah shared her thoughts on the appointment: “I am honored to take on the role of City Coordinator for Gurugram-B. This position allows me to work closely with schools and educators to ensure the highest standards of academic excellence. I look forward to contributing to the smooth execution of CBSE’s initiatives and fostering a collaborative educational environment.”