• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Civility Saves Lives – Reducing the £2.3bn Annual Cost to the NHS

Jan 9, 2023

Market Harborough, United Kingdom, January 09, 2023 –(PR.com)– Rambutan are honoured to be supporting NHS Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust in bringing to life their Civility Saves Lives programme. #civilitysaveslives

The Civility Saves Lives programme is part of a wider cultural change programme which aims to identify and reduce unprofessional/unproductive behaviour across the NHS. The campaign has highlighted that disrespect and rudeness affect the quality of work, people’s likelihood to help each other and increase errors.

Research by Roger Kline and Professor Duncan Lewis estimated the cost of bullying and harassment at over £2.3 billion per year for the NHS.

Research by Porath and Erez found that the impact of incivility on the recipient was a 61% reduction in cognitive ability.

An NHS staff survey showed that 28.5% of staff experienced bullying in the previous 12 months and numerous research studies highlight that bullying and harassment disproportionately affect minorities and protected groups.

The British Medical Association reported that 40% of staff saw bullying as an issue, with those witnessing it happen to others being more likely to take time off sick.

Any of these stats make grim reading and combined show an urgent need to address the issue of incivility.

As a leading-edge NHS Trust, NHS Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care, took the initiative, supported by Rambutan, to deliver online and face-to-face interventions to provide their clinicians, managers and all other staff with skills and tips to help them act at a personal level, to achieve excellence and maintain positive interactions with colleagues and patient outcomes.

One of these tips included “proceeding with wisdom” and understanding what triggers an urge for someone to be rude. Once this trigger is identified, you can then notice the sensations this generates in you, acknowledge your emotions, analyse your thoughts, and then consider much more helpful thoughts at three stages: before the moment, in the moment and after the moment.

Julia Ritchie, HR Business Partner from the NHS trust said, “With support from Rambutan we wanted to bring to life, true cultural change with our Civility Saves Live programme. Rambutan has been instrumental in developing and delivering online and face-to-face sessions on Civility Saves Lives interventions for clinicians, managers and all other staff. These interventions have truly affected a change in behaviour among our people, who now fully recognise their role in improving civility and culture at The Trust and how this can, and has, positively impacted patient outcomes.”

Rebecca Binns, a Rambutan consultant commented, “We feel honoured to be supporting this NHS Trust with such a life-changing programme. It’s amazing to see the difference these ‘Civility Saves Lives’ interventions have already made to staff at such a leading-edge, proactive NHS Trust.”

To find out more about Rambutan please visit https://rambutan.biz and for NHS Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust, please visit https://tamesideandglossopicft.nhs.uk