Gather Online Signs Synrgise, an Innovative Learning Platform as a New Onboarding Client

Gather Online Signs Synrgise

New Delhi/India February 24, 2021; Gather is delighted to announce that they start working with Synrgise, an innovative technology company specifically focused on learning, talent and performance solutions for the workplace. Synrgise will implement Gather Online for its SaaS platforms & online learning systems to enable more affordable access using Gather’s innovative income model for the publishers. With their very high user session rate and over 1 million users, this will provide Synrgise with capacity to scale even higher.

Along with a smoother user experience for their community, Synrgise will also have the option to reward their learning community with Gather’s Loyalty program by implementing Gather’s unique financial solution for content monetization. This coupled with their strong gamification engine, will allow Synrgise to reward users beyond badges and leaderboards. Synrgise will provide the processing power of their users by having their express permission, ready to be distributed to enterprises and developers through Gather’s cloud computing technology. The more time the Synrgise users spend on the platform, the more it will create a scalable revenue stream.

With this new collaboration, both parties will enjoy new exposures to their respective networks, expanding their reach by paving the way for the future of digital content with less noise and with a better online monetization model for the creators of the world.

Commenting on the development Reggie Jerath, CEO Gather Network said, “Our collaboration with Synrgise will transform the business model of learning platforms and educational services, showcasing our core product that will open the gate for alternative ways of internet monetization, eliminating the unwanted dependency to online ad revenues for websites & applications all over the world. Synrgise will initiate a scalable and fairer income model for its operations which will bring us one step closer to the mass adoption.”

Sharing his news on the association Xenothan Hojem, Synrgise CTO & Founder said, “The Gather solution will allow Synrgise far greater scope and reach by having the ability offset the costs of infrastructure and user rewards using our spare processing power generated by the very users we are supporting. We are excited at the opportunity this brings to our organization and to the millions of users we will be able to impact globally.”