Stratefix Consulting to support a business growth strategy for Davaindia

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India: Stratefix Consulting has announced their collaboration with Davaindia to design and implement a business growth strategy.

DavaIndia is revolutionising the Indian Healthcare scenario by providing high quality generic medicines at a very low cost and this initiative has been acknowledged by many awards). DavaIndia generic pharmacy has instituted more than 600 retail franchise stores across the length and breadth of India with more than 30 lakh happy customers.

Streamlining operations while expanding across India was challenging for the company. A number of obstacles were preventing the organization from getting things done correctly, including the need for revolution in the Healthcare industry to make quality medicines affordable and accessible to all. Stratefix Consulting is an expert at helping small and medium businesses grow, hence came on board to help Davaindia :

Designing and implementing business growth strategy

Reimagine, reorganize, and expand seamlessly across geographies

Chirag Patel, Co-founder of Stratefix Consulting said “We are elated to collaborate with Davaindia in order to design and implement the Business Growth Strategy. A growing number of companies are investing in large scale transformations. As part of our strategy for this segment, we develop a solution, implement it, and ensure that it is executed efficiently. That’s what sets us apart.”

Ketan Zota, Chairman of Zota Health Care said “We are excited to initiate Consulting assignment with Stratefix Consulting for Specifically Strategy Design and Execution services.”